Plea for Faith

Let us also remember the parable about lighting.  This story refers to those who are only partially dedicated to their faith:  those are like people who walk in the light of the lightening flashes.  When the bright light of the flash shines, those half-hearts advance.  However, when that bright light goes dark, the half-heart's forward advancement comes to a halt, scared by the darkness.  There they stand still waiting for another flash to guide them.  In life, our faith will not always be blindingly bright showing us the way.  Our faith takes us beyond the obvious guidance so that without the light in our eyes, we have the light in our heart.  We can therefore always move forward without fear, light or dark, day or night.

For Starters

We all need to follow the Supreme Being for togetherness. The Lord builds us to be part of greater, more meaningful things.  We are his travelers.  We never walk alone.  If we do, we are to live without fulfillment.  Our faith must guide us.  We must all acknowledge that it is the same mountain top to which we ascend. But, all of us climb from different paths on the mountain's side.  Do not allow material things decide your fate, leave that judgment to the higher power.

Lets us not forget the story of the camel. He stuck his nose in the tent only to end up with his entire body inside. The tenant, unaware of the camel's scheme, learned his kindness had left himself outside the tent.

Why we plea to our savior.- Saleh Stevens